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  1. Sudan: New Magazine Causes Hope Amongst Gays

    via GayStar News, by Dan Littauer A new online lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender magazine in Sudan, north Africa, is a first for the country where homosexuality is still punished by death and an opportunity for gay people to start discussing their lives and hopes for the future. Rainbow Sudan published articles discussing topics including being gay Read More >>

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  2. Sudan: Addressing an African Taboo, HIV Prevention with MSM

    via International AIDS Alliance [thanks to the Global Forum on MSM and HIV for putting this on the IRMA radar.] Talib Aboi stands in a small courtyard building in Juba, south Sudan. He talks to a group of men about HIV, telling them how to protect themselves by using a condom. He is a courageous, pragmatic man, Read More >>

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