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  1. Cultural mainstreaming in Thailand leaves MSM at high HIV risk

    Via PlusNews. Gay rights activists in Thailand say a unique combination of muted discrimination and cultural mainstreaming of the gay and transgender community is to blame for a dangerous lack of knowledge about HIV among gay and transgender persons, especially the youth. “There are no discrimination laws here against gay people, so a young gay Thai may Read More >>

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  2. More Teen Virgins? Not So Fast

    Via, by Martha Kempner In 2006–2008, 29 percent of females and 27 percent of males ages 15 to 24 reported that they had never had sexual contact with another person. This was a small but statistically significant change from 2002 when it was 22 percent for both males and females. Many teens are making responsible decisions Read More >>

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  3. African Girls Getting World Bank Cash Deters Sex With ‘Sugar Daddies’

    Via Bloomberg, by Simon Clark Young women in sub-Saharan Africa have HIV infection rates up to three times higher than their male peers, largely because of relationships with older “sugar daddies” who give them money in exchange for sex. The phenomenon contributes significantly to HIV’s spread, said Ester Etkin of loveLife, South Africa’s largest anti-AIDS group. A Read More >>

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  4. When the Cellphone Teaches Sex Education

    via the New York Times, by Jan Hoffman Excerpt: The North Carolina center permitted a New York Times reporter to read through some phone logs, after cellphone numbers and towns were redacted. The questions span the spectrum of adolescence itself, from the goofy to the ghastly. Many ask how to talk with parents about sexuality. Combining a Read More >>

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