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  1. Bloomberg Editorial: Treatment has Grown, Prevention Has Languished

    via Bloomberg AIDS has been with us, officially, for 30 years, since the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the first cases. This unhappy anniversary is perhaps as good a time as any to spell out why the global response to AIDS is in need of serious adjustment. Annual spending on AIDS worldwide has risen Read More >>

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  2. Is treatment really reducing infections?

    via Aidsmap, by Gus Cairns Moupali Das of the San Francisco Department of Public Health presented evidence to show that the city’s intensive testing and treatment policy was beginning to result in a declining HIV infection rate there. Similar evidence was presented from the province of British Columbia in Canada. The evidence presented still leaves some questions Read More >>

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  3. Dieffenbach – Future Priorities for NIAID’s HIV Prevention Research

    via, by Carl W. Dieffenbach, Ph.D., Director of NIAID’s Division of AIDS [Check out his June 9, 2010 presentation: Restructuring the HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks] As we begin to discuss the restructuring of NIAID’s clinical trials networks, let us first focus on the Institute’s HIV prevention research agenda. Developing new biomedical tools that can safely and Read More >>

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