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  1. The Future Role of Rectal and Vaginal Microbicides in Heterosexual Couples

    via STI British Medical Journal, by Marie-Claude Boily, Dobromir Dimitrov, Salim S Abdool Karim, Benoît MâsseObjectives To compare the potential impact of rectal (RMB), vaginal (VMB) and bi-compartment (RVMB) (applied vaginally and protective during vaginal and anal intercourse) microbicides to prevent HIV in various heterosexual populations. To understand when a RMB is as useful than a VMB Read More >>

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  2. IRMA Statement on Discontinuation of Gel Arm in VOICE Prevention Trial

    25 November, 2011IRMA Expresses Disappointment; Calls for MTN 017 to Move Forward International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA) expresses disappointment regarding today’s announcement that the vaginal tenofovir gel arm in the Microbicide Trial Network’s (MTN) VOICE trial is being discontinued. VOICE has been exploring two ARV-based HIV prevention approaches since it began enrolling women in high incidence areas Read More >>

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  3. First combination ARV vaginal ring for HIV prevention being tested in Phase I safety trial

    via EurekAlert In the first clinical trial of a vaginal ring combining two antiretroviral (ARV) drugs, researchers from the Microbicide Trials Network (MTN) are collaborating with the International Partnership for Microbicides (IPM) to evaluate whether the ring is safe for use in women. If the ring does prove to be safe, it could be considered for further Read More >>

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  4. Rectal! Rectal! Read all About It!

    via AIDS Foundation of Chicago, by Gregory Trotter The word elicits a certain reaction from people. “People say the word ‘rectal’ and they — ,” said Jim Pickett, going into a simulated full body shudder of disgust. Pickett, chair of the International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (affectionately dubbed IRMA), would know. He’s an outspoken advocate for more research Read More >>

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  5. ARV gel almost ready to roll out

    via the Daily News, by Liz Clarke In the time it takes parents to see their children grow from birth to adulthood, the vaginal gel containing the antiretroviral tenofovir has been under close and intense scrutiny. Now nobody is more keen to see the fast-track roll-out of the life-saving microbicide than Professor Quarraisha Abdool Karim. Research initiated Read More >>

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  6. NIH researchers show how anti-HIV drug acts to block herpes virus

    via Infotech “The findings explain the results of a recent clinical trial showing that the anti-HIV drug tenofovir, when it is formulated as a vaginal gel, could reduce the risk of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections — as well as HIV infections — in women. Tenofovir taken orally had been demonstrated to inhibit reproduction of HIV, but Read More >>

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  7. The Pharmacokinetics of Tenofovir Following Intravaginal and Intrarectal Administration of Tenofovir Gel to Rhesus Macaques

    via AAC Accepts, by Jeremy Nuttall, Angela Kashuba, Ruili Wang, Nicole White, Philip Allen, Jeffrey Roberts, and Joseph RomanoAbstract Tenofovir gel (1%) is being developed as a microbicide for the prevention of HIV infection, and has been shown to reduce transmission to women by 39%. The gel also prevents infection in macaques when applied intravaginally or intrarectally Read More >>

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  8. First Phase 1 Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Randomized Rectal Microbicide Trial Using UC781 Gel with a Novel Index of Ex Vivo Efficacy

    via PLoS ONE, by Peter A. Anton, Terry Saunders, Julie Elliott, Elena Khanukhova, Robert Dennis, Amy Adler, Galen Cortina, Karen Tanner, John Boscardin, William G. Cumberland, Ying Zhou, Ana Ventuneac, Alex Carballo-Diéguez, Lorna Rabe, Timothy McCormick, Henry Gabelnick, Christine Mauck, Ian McGowan Objectives: Successful control of the HIV/AIDS pandemic requires reduction of HIV-1 transmission at sexually-exposed mucosae. Read More >>

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  9. New Microbicide May Block Virus From Infecting Cells

    via The University of Utah U News Center University of Utah researchers have discovered a new class of compounds that stick to the sugary coating of the AIDS virus and inhibit it from infecting cells – an early step toward a new treatment to prevent sexual transmission of the virus. Development and laboratory testing of the potential Read More >>

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  10. 2012 International Microbicides Conference (M2012) in Sydney, Australia

    The next International Microbicides Conference will be held in Sydney, Australia from April 15-18th, 2012! RegistrationRegistration is not yet open, but to submit an expression of interest, please click here. By submitting this, you will be contacted as soon as official registration opens! Abstract SubmissionThe 2012 International Microbicides Conference (M2012) invites papers of high quality in the areas of HIV Read More >>

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