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  1. From Tuskegee to Transparency: An Evolution in the Ethics and Accountability of Clinical Trials Involving Human Subjects

    via RH Reality Check, by Anna Forbes and Kate Ryan People who participate in clinical trials take the enormous step of volunteering to test a product that may be useful and, sometimes, life-saving if it turns out to be effective. They play an irreplaceable role in research to prevent, treat, and sometimes cure illness – as well Read More >>

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  2. NIH researchers show how anti-HIV drug acts to block herpes virus

    via Infotech “The findings explain the results of a recent clinical trial showing that the anti-HIV drug tenofovir, when it is formulated as a vaginal gel, could reduce the risk of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections — as well as HIV infections — in women. Tenofovir taken orally had been demonstrated to inhibit reproduction of HIV, but Read More >>

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  3. Microbicide Trials Network Statement on Decision to Discontinue Use of Oral Tenofovir Tablets in VOICE, a Major HIV Prevention Study in Women

    via Microbicide Trials Network VOICE, an HIV prevention trial evaluating two antiretroviral (ARV)-based approaches for preventing the sexual transmission of HIV in women – daily use of one of two different ARV tablets or of a vaginal gel – will be dropping one of the oral tablets from the study. The decision to discontinue use of tenofovir Read More >>

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  4. Calling all Women and Spanish Speakers- Please Take our Survey!

    Dear Women and Spanish Speakers, We need your help with our Rectal Douching and Enema Survey! IRMA and researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Public Health are conducting a brief survey to help us better understand the types of products people use rectally for anal sex including lubricants and enemas or douches. Read More >>

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  5. Sexual Pleasure is Key for Successful Microbicides

    via WeNews, by Amy Littlefield Participants in Kate Morrow’s [IRMA Steering Committee Member] recent study may not have felt like they were fighting the global HIV epidemic. In fact, what they were literally feeling were gels of various consistencies inside their vaginas. The women in Morrow’s Project LINK answered questions after handling the gels, inserting them vaginally, Read More >>

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  6. HPV Vaccine Protects Women Against Anal Infection

    via Medpage Today A vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV) protects women against two strains of the virus that causes anal cancer, researchers reported. The vaccine (Cervarix) against HPV strains 16 and 18 offered “strong protection” against anal infection in a study whose main goal was to assess the efficacy of vaccination against cervical infection and pre-cancerous lesions, Read More >>

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  7. Why So Anal about Pleasure?

    Via EmpowHer, by Hannah Cutts. Whether you are a committed fan, a non-subscriber, or have been considering engaging in anal play, I believe it is a subject that women should make an effort to include in their sexual awareness and conversations, even if only to expand their education on the female body and become resources for friends/family Read More >>

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  8. Laws fail to protect HIV patients, says advocate

    Via The Fiji Times, by Frederica Elbourne. PACIFIC political leaders have remained silent over the protection of the rights of people vulnerable to and affected with HIV, an organisation that champions AIDS awareness said. The Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation said laws governing those infected with the virus failed to protect their privacy. The existing legal frameworks condemned Read More >>

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  9. HIV Prevention in Women Requires a Full Toolbox

    Via Medscape, by Emily Paulsen. Women account for more than 50% of the worldwide AIDS epidemic, and a disproportionate number of those women are people of color. In the United States, black women make up a growing share of new AIDS cases; the rate for black women is nearly 20 times the rate for white women. Although Read More >>

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  10. WSJ: Trial Halted on HIV Pill for Women

    [of interest: “There is research, as yet unpublished, showing that the concentration of tenofovir, when taken orally, is higher in rectal tissue than in vaginal tissue, said Timothy Mastro, an FHI vice president who spoke on behalf of the study. If so, the men might have had more of the drug than the women at the site Read More >>

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