Womens Health Issues. 2010 Nov-Dec;20(6):414-9.

Heterosexual anal sex reported by women receiving HIV prevention services in Los Angeles County.

Reynolds GL, Fisher DG, Napper LE, Fremming BW, Jansen MA.

California State University, Long Beach, Center for Behavioral Research and Services, Long Beach, California 90813, USA. greynol2@csulb.edu


BACKGROUND: This study examined reported heterosexual receptive anal intercourse (HRAI) in a sample of women recruited from HIV prevention providers in Los Angeles County.

METHODS: The majority of women surveyed were Latina and the modal age was 19 years. Women reporting HRAI were more likely to use both injected and non injected drugs and to have sexual partners who injected drugs.

RESULTS: Factors associated with HRAI in a multivariate regression model included use of methamphetamine; use of alcohol before, during, or after sex; and use of dental services at the interview agency. Factors inversely associated with heterosexual anal sex were being African American (compared with Latina) and endorsing the use of condoms for episodes of vaginal sex from start to finish.

CONCLUSION: HIV prevention providers in Los Angeles County should be aware of the need for basic prevention messages concerning condom use and injection behavior in young Latina women.

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