IRMA recently teemed up with the Global Forum on MSM and HIV to present on one of our key issues – lube safety “Are Lubes Safe for Rectal Use? What MSM Need to Know.”

IRMA Secretary and resident lube expert Marc-André LeBlanc did the honors, and if we must say so ourselves, did them quite well. And we’re not the only ones saying so.

The webinar was attended by over 60 people from all over the world and was even covered on a number of websites. says: “I’ve sung the praises of IRMA, the International Rectal Microbicide Advocates in the past, and wanted to pass along an interesting resource. It is primarily intended for people who work with men who have sex with men (that’s what the MSM above stands for, in case you’re more of a media person and were wondering why the mainstream media needs to know about rectal lubes in the first place), but may be of interest to sex educators, lube lovers, or anyone with a nerd’s love of information.”

And the Bilerico Project gave the issue some attention as well. While the blogger on Bilerico is a little confused about what IRMA has contributed to the field of lube safety (we DID the internet survey on lube use, we DID NOT actually test specific lubes in the lab, that is for our scientist friends) – we very much appreciate the coverage. It helps get the word out and that is what’s most important.

Full Presentation: Are Lubes Safe for Rectal Use? What MSM Need to Know (or download a pdf of the slides here).

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