IRMA’s Steering Committee Secretary (and founding member) Marc-André LeBlancrecently made a guest appearance on Peer Review Radio, a podcast based in Ottawa, Canada devoted to making science interesting and approachable for all types of communities.

He talks about rectal microbicides, naturally, and other new prevention technologies in a program titled “HIV – Staying Positive.” Go to 22:44 to 35:50 to hear his section. Marc-André does an excellent job – the way he describes/explains issues and concepts is definitely worth stealing.

The rest of the episode is also quite interesting and worth a listen. Here is a description:

In this episode, Manon will try and help you grasp the intricacies of her favourite virus, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, with an emphasis on solutions! In a first segment, Dr James Brooks from the National HIV and Retrovirology Laboratories, will start from the basics and tell us all about the molecular biology of HIV: where it came from, how it works, and why the search for a cure is taking so long. Next, Marc-André LeBlanc, an expert in HIV policy, advocacy and prevention, will tell us about New Prevention Technologies – because the good ol’ ACT strategy (abstinence, condoms and treatment) just ain’t workin’. Finally, Dr Rainer Engelhardt, from the Canadian HIV Vaccines Initiative will enlighten us as to how close we are from discovering a vaccine against HIV, and on the role that Canada is playing in the field. In our “Careers” segment this week, our guest Helene LeBlanc, a forensic entomologist (!!!), will be telling us all about her extraordinary field of work.