Writing for  the September – December 2010 issue of Echoes, a publication of the Nigerian HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society, IRMA chair Jim Pickett discusses the need for rectal microbicides in Africa.


Until recently, rectal microbicides have simply not been part of the HIV prevention agenda in Africa, due in part to the denial of anal sex among heterosexuals and pervasive homophobia and criminalization that has denied and vilified the existence of gay men/MSM.

IRMA diligently addresses these issues, leading efforts to put rectal microbicides on the African map. These efforts are now bearing fruit – due in no small part to the significant engagement of hundreds of African advocates across the continent and extraordinary leadership by IRMA Nigeria with Kadiri Audu, IRMA Community Vice Chair, at the helm.

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While you are there, be sure to also check out the report on a rectal microbicide training for MSMs in Abuja!

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