An IRMA minion was perusing the internet over the weekend and came upon a product called The Lube Launcher on the adam4adam website – designed for anal sex.

There is a lot of research going on to develop a safe and acceptable applicator – seems like researchers might want to check this out (and other similar ones).

Here is what the site says about the Launcher:

Get better accuracy and use out of your favorite lubricant with the Lube Launcher! 

A good lubricant is effective when you wish to make penetration easier and, ultimately, more enjoyable for you and your partner. However, applying lubricant to key areas can sometimes be a messy affair. With this handy lube launcher, you are able to apply your favorite lube with much more accuracy. Simply place the lube launcher into your favorite lube and pull on the ring. With a full launcher place it near the anal opening of your partner and push on the ring. Each lube launcher comes with two additional launcher casings.

Other similar products you can find there: The Aneros Marksman Lube Shooters, The Grease Gun, Water-Based Anal Lube Shooters.