via Fridae, by Jan Wijngaarden

Does this technology work for us, gay men? Is there a protective effect of circumcision during anal sex, or only in vaginal intercourse? Do we all have to line up at the circumcision clinics, and say goodbye to our Holy Prepuce?

The foreskin, for those of you who don’t have one (or, worse, have never seen or tasted one), is a retractable double-layered fold of skin and mucous membrane that covers the glans penis and covers the mouth of the urinary tract when the penis is not erect. This is supposed to protect the urinary tract, but there has been some evidence that infections of the penile glans and urinary tract are more common in uncicrumcised men than in their circumcised brothers. Indeed, the most-often quoted reason for circumcision is for both cultural/religious and for hygienic reasons. All Jews and Muslims and some groups of Christians cirumcise their boys, often following quite detailed rituals.

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