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Rectal microbicides are important and should be a top priority among new HIV prevention because anal sex occurs between heterosexuals as well as homosexuals, says Brian Kanyemba of Cape Town, South Africa. Awareness of anal sex and continuing discussions on anal sex could bring down homo-negativity and prejudice against MSM.

Brian is an IRMA member, an Advocate Fellow with AVAC, and a Research Assistant with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation. He has been very involved with IRMA’s Project ARM – Africa for Rectal Microbicides, and an integral member of the Project ARM video working group which is producing an African-focused video on anal sex and rectal microbicides.

At the May 23 – 25 Top2Btm symposium in Cape Town, Brian presented an excellent poster called “Developing Rectal Microbicides (RM) in Africa – the advocacy needed to make it happen.” Click here to check it out.

Brian feels lucky to have been part of the African arm of the iPrEx study, the results of which have been extremely meaningful to the MSM community. As an advocate Brian works on comprehensive community awareness of HIV prevention tools.One way in which Brian does this is to let people know that rectal microbicides are not just for MSM, but also have the potential to greatly affect the heterosexual community.

Brian also works to increase awareness and reduce stigma. “Sex is a taboo in the African context, now it’s the time to call a spade a spade and send the message around,” he says. He hopes that progress in sex education curriculums will aid the process, thereby bringing the epidemic out of the shadows.

In his free time, aside from his ceaseless interest in discussions of HIV prevention, Brian can be found dancing, playing pool, and drinking a good beer.

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