Check out this interesting mini-bio of  Jeton Ademaj, the latest in IRMA’s “Meet a Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate” series on the IRMA website here.  Jeton is one of five new bios posted October 30, 2012.

Jeton Ademaj
New York City, USA

“Don’t be afraid to own your sexuality, and don’t be afraid to defend human nature from those who presume to redefine it.”

For several years, Jeton remained unaware of IRMA’s work, but became involved as communities began to really take notice of PrEP in 2011. IRMA’s active listserv has provided a platform for a great deal of discussion and debate on the topic.

Jeton believes rectal microbicides are important because, in general, he believes that men dislike condoms and research has yet to create more pleasurable and desirable condoms to enhance usage. Through rectal (and vaginal) microbicides, receptive individuals can become empowered in preventing HIV/STI transmission, without having to get permission from the active partner to use protection.

Jeton advises IRMA to not be afraid to defend human nature, despite one’s sexuality. He encourages IRMA to always publicize the work to further encourage researchers to become involved in IRMA’s mission.

Currently, Jeton contributes as a voice of reason in certain POZ settings, and advocates for human rights through progressive politics.

Jeton loves spending time with his husband, reads various scientific and technological developments, and listens to live music. His biggest influences come from his family, his best friend, and his husband.

Thank you, Jeton, for all that you do!


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