Check out this interesting mini-bio of  Jim Higginbotham, the latest in IRMA’s “Meet a Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate” series on the IRMA website here.  Jim is one of five new bios posted last week.

Jim Higginbotham
Birmingham, Alabama, USA

“I must continue to inspire others, especially the younger generation to carry the torch until the end of HIV.”

Jim is the Community Educator for HIV Vaccines at the University of Alabama Birmingham – a site for a number of biomedical HIV prevention trials. He loves helping his community in the fight against HIV through education and counseling. During his spare time, Jim enjoys spending time at his family farm, kayaking, hiking, and camping.

Jim initially became involved with IRMA while attending Microbicide Trials Network meetings and conferences. He recruited men to participate in MTN 007, which was a rectal microbicide study that included the University of Alabama clinical research site. Jim believes that a combination of prevention strategies must be utilized to reduce the number of infections that continue to occur in the United States and around the world and asserts that “a rectal microbicide, marketed as a lubricant, could help achieve that goal because it would, in my opinion, be embraced by individuals who engage in anal sex as an easy way to protect themselves.”

Jim advises IRMA to keep up the good work in helping to educate the community on the need for rectal microbicides. Currently, Jim is recruiting and screening individuals for the HVTN 505, a vaccine study.

Jim has lost many friends to HIV/AIDS… a loss which continues to inspire his involvement in the fight for prevention and treatments. Jim is the sole survivor of his original peer group of friends from his early twenties.

“If I had to point to one individual as an inspiration, I would have to say that person is Butch McKay, a great friend and tireless advocate for the community in the fight against HIV. Butch has inspired me more than anyone to do the work that I do.”

Thank you, Jim, for all that you do!


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