“I believe there should be other HIV prevention options for gay men all around the world and especially Africa and Nigeria where same sex is taboo, which has made it very difficult for most gay men and MSM to access HIV prevention services.”
Michael Ighodaro is an IRMA advocate from Abuja, Nigeria. He is a social worker and support officer for ICARE who loves football and being on the internet. At ICARE he is a Community Outreach Officer and works mainly providing care and counseling to HIV positive MSM. He is also involved with a new LGBTI organization in the Edo state of Nigeria called Mind Builders Initiative.

He first learned of IRMA at a training and meeting for MSM held by IRMA-Nigeria. He now creates trainings for MSM himself, where he educates others about rectal microbicides. He strongly believes that all African LGBTI need to stand up for IRMA because “we deserve a prevention option against HIV for us too.”

When asked how he combats the stigma associated with standing up for rectal microbicides in Nigeria, he says “It is a cross I have decided to carry, and no matter the stigma and discrimination I will still be an IRMA advocate. I am used to stigma, being an MSM and HIV positive person in a country where they see you as a cursed person because of your sexuality and see HIV as a curse.”

He believes IRMA should conduct more trainings around the world, as well as host a meeting every few years where advocates can meet to share experience, advice and challenges.

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