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 For the populations that I have been working with, MSM/GB men, unprotected anal sex may be the single most important reason they are so vulnerable to HIV. So, getting a way and means of decreasing the spread of HIV in this way is something that should have been a priority from the beginning of the pandemic. – Paul Semugoma

Paul Semugoma is a medical doctor in Kampala, Uganda and is a member of the Global Forum on MSM and HIV Steering Committee. Paul first heard of rectal microbicides at International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa in Nigeria while he was involved in other projects. Later, he revisited rectal microbicides when he realized that anal sex is perhaps the most significant means of HIV transmission, yet interventions in that area have been very limited.

Paul’s current work as an advocate includes encouraging research, interest, and discussion within his community. He is also part of the Project ARM – Africa for Rectal Microbicides working group.

Paul is an introspective man in his free time, reading and writing poetry when not hard at work.

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