Since its creation in 2005, IRMA serves as a central forum for exchange, debate, and networking on rectal microbicides research and advocacy. Beyond its primary goal, the organization aims to support the research of other new prevention technologies, such as male circumcision, vaccines and various PrEP formulation, and to promote existing prevention methods such as male and female condoms and oral PrEP as part of a range of prevention options.

Currently, over 1,200 advocates, policymakers and leading scientists from six continents are IRMA members. IRMA is based in the United States (Chicago, IL) and AIDS Foundation of Chicago is the IRMA secretariat.

IRMA members receive:

• Access to a highly active, moderated listerv which features the most recent information on HIV prevention research, and offers a platform to exchange advice and experiences and advance understanding of microbicides and other new prevention technologies

• Advocacy opportunities to influence funders, policy makers, elected officials, and their government officials on rectal microbicide research and availability

• Information about the latest products in the stage of development, animal and human trials through international and national events and shared publications

• Education through teleconferences and community presentations organized or supported by IRMA

• Networking with the world’s leading scientists, advocates, and policy makers who are working to develop safe, effective, accessible and acceptable rectal microbicides for the men, women, and transgender individuals who need them

IRMA membership is available to:

• Men, women and transgender ndividuals who want to join global rectal microbicide advocacy efforts

• Organizations working in HIV prevention and willing to expand their expertise

• Women’s Rights Groups that understand the importance of female-initiated, female controlled prevention

• LGBT organizations concerned about the disproportionate impact of HIV on gay men, other men who have sex with men, and transgender individuals