Slides IRMA Likes


An introduction to rectal microbicide development: Ian McGowan, Microbicide Trials Network (MTN), 2015
An overview of MTN-017 and an introduction to MTN-026: Ross Cranston, MTN, 2015
New rectal microbicide formulations: Ian McGowan, MTN, 2015
Beyond HIV: Rectal microbicides to prevent HIV and other STIs: José Fernández Romero, Population Council, 2015
Moving the rectal microbicide agenda forward; results from a scientific, ethical, and community consultative process: Ian McGowan, MTN, 2015
Community Perspectives on Rectal Microbicides; Forward, Ever Forward: Brian Kanyemba, Desmond Tutu, HIV Foundation, and Jim Pickett, IRMA, 2015