via Washington City Paper, by Amanda Hess

“Unfortunately, there are some places in this country 
that are still uncomfortable with anal sex.”


In order for everyone to get comfortable shilling the female condom to gay men, Petrelis says that the public must first acknowledge that anal sex isn’t just a gay thing. “I hope you’re sitting down for this: Straight people have anal sex, too,” says Petrelis. “It’s not just gay men who need to know how to use it anally.” Promoting the condom’s anal use among straight women could be a vital tool in preventing the spread of HIV: Women who engage in anal sex are at a higher risk of contracting the virus, particularly if they are chiefly using condoms for pregnancy prevention. “I’ve got to put my hair down here and say that regardless of straight, gay, in-between, vaginal, anal, there is still a great reluctance to talk honestly in America about s-e-x,” says Petrelis. “We’re going to have to get over that if we’re going to protect ourselves.”

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