Satellite session at IAS 2009 – held July 19, 2009

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ARV-based prevention, such as oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and ARV-based microbicides, is widely viewed as one of the more promising biomedical HIV prevention strategies being studied. Is this enthusiasm warranted?

Challenges remain to proving its effectiveness. Even if trials show benefit, implementation would challenge virtually every aspect of existing AIDS responses. What could and should be done to weigh these challenges against the potential benefits and develop appropriate scientific and operational strategies?

Several sessions during the conference provided updates on ARV-based prevention research. This session provided an opportunity to discuss additional research priorities (additional PrEP candidates and intermittent dosing) and the operational, financial and ethical implications involved in translating positive findings into programmes and public health impact.

Session participants debated the promise and risks of ARV-based prevention, what additional research is needed and how it all might fit into the broader landscape of prevention and treatment services.

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