Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt uncomfortable talking about anal sex and anal health. Have you noticed that people sometimes tend to cringe from embarrassment when the word “rectal” is uttered? Or that they may laugh a little too much, or try to change the subject too quickly?

If you can identify with any of that – it means you’re human – welcome to the club! Dealing with other people’s reluctance to talk about anal sex, including our own reluctance, is common. But if we’re going to be effective rectal microbicide advocates, let alone Rectal Rock Stars, we must get over our anal issues, and we must help others do the same. We must be absolutely shameless!

Enter Vanessa Marquez, a clinician at Fenway Community Health who has worked on several rectal microbicide trials, and uses a number of strategies to rectally disarm her patients and others to great effect. She will share her Shameless Plugs on this IRMA/AVAC teleconference – please join us for a really fun conversation.

You may follow along with Vanessa’s slides on the ReadyTalk web interface, or you may download her presentation in advance from the IRMA website here: They will be available no later than April 3.

The call is scheduled for 11am Eastern. Please convert the time for your location by following this link:

The call will be recorded, and will be posted on the IRMA website after its completion here:
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