You met Tia IRMA (Auntie IRMA), a character created by IRMA’s South American chapter IRMA-ALC (housed at Epicentro) to create awareness about rectal microbicides in a fun way, in this post from March 2012.

This is the second in a series of videos that will try to explain, in a very colloquial and humorous way, everything you might want to know about rectal microbicides, PrEP and many other subjects.

In this chapter of Tia IRMA’s soap opera, she explains to us (in a funny way as always) the basic information about the development of a rectal microbicides.

Tia IRMA sees herself as an activist (and her nephew as a pasivist) and gives us a simple example of why we should advocate for a rectal microbicide. You see,  her neighbor Betty (a transgender woman) always depends on her lover (Tia IRMA calls him a dog) since he doesn’t always use condoms with Betty. With a rectal microbicide, Betty can take care of herself to prevent HIV infection.

Tia Irma can’t wait for a rectal microbicide to be developed and try it, she wants to have the security and happiness when se gets wild on the back…

Besos Negros from Tia IRMA!

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