Hola! Soy la Tia IRMA!

Introducing Tia IRMA (Auntie IRMA), a character created by IRMA’s South American chapter IRMA-ALC (housed at Epicentro) to create awareness about rectal microbicides in a fun way.

This is the first of a group of videos that will try to explain, in a very colloquial way, everything you might want to know about rectal microbicides, PrEP and many other subjects.

In this episode, Tia IRMA and Tony (her nephew) promote her blog Canal Anal , where visitors will find useful information, tips and other relevant news on sex and HIV written by Tia IRMA and her friends. A group that includes a transgendered neighbor, a gay nephew and a very straight husband, since the idea is clear: Everybody is having anal sex, so donÂŽt be shy!

A real, live, in-the-flesh Tia IRMA is going to participate in most of the LGBT community events this year in Peru (where she was born) and she expects to become more popular than Kim Kardashian, with a bigger and wiser butt 😉

Besos negros!

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