Have you and/or your organization endorsed the Global Call to Action on Lubricant Safety yet? (lists or endorsers in formation below.)

We are going to be closing the call soon, so please make your move on lube safety NOW.

Click here to read the Call and to endorse.

We must KNOW whether water-based and silicone-based lubricants used during sex are safe or not, whether they cause harm, or not. Right now we don’t know – but we DO have some data that has raised some concerns. These concerns must be addressed through research, the questions we have must be answered.

Make your voice heard – endorse the Call.

ORGANIZATIONS who have endorsed the Call = 159 to date

1.  Abra Advanced Research International Pte Ltd, Singapore
2.  ACON, Australia
3.  Act for Change, Ghana
4.  Act Up/East Bay, USA
5.  ActionAIDS, USA
6.  Adam’s Love, Thailand
7.  ADEFHO, Cameroon
8.  Adhikaar, India
9.  Affirmative Action, Cameroon
10. African Alliance for HIV Prevention, South Africa
11. African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR), South Africa
12. Afrique Arc En Ciel, Togo
13. AIDES, France
14. AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, USA
15. AIDS Foundation of Chicago, USA
16. AIDS Project Los Angeles, USA
17. AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region, USA
18. AIDS United, USA
19. AKPAKA Axel, Benin
20. ALPHA Pittsburgh, Inc., USAALPHA Pittsburgh, Inc.
22. Anova Health Institute, South Africa
23. Asia Pacific Coalition on Male Sexual Health, Thailand
24. Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers, Thailand
25. Astitva – An Organisation for the Support and Development of Sexual Minorities, India
26. Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, Australia
28. Blue Diamond Society, Nepal
29. Canadian AIDS Society, Canada
30. Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE), Canada
31. Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Canada
32. Caribbean Association of Midwest America, USA
33. Case/UH Microbicide Clinical Trials Community Advisory Committee, USA
34. Center for Applied Research on Men and Health (CARMAH), Vietnam
35. Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Malawi
36. Centre for the Development of People, Malawi
37. Chengdu Tongle, China
38. Chicago Female Condom Campaign, USA
39. Chicago Women’s AIDS Project, USA
40. Citizen News Service – CNS, India
41. Club des 7jours, Togo
42. C-NET+, Belize
43. Coalition Internationale Sida PLUS, France
44. COCQ-SIDA, Canada
46. Community Information Center, USA
48. Davryan Laboratories, Inc (Probe lubricants), USA
49. Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, South Africa
50. Diversity And Solidairty Trust, Sri Lanka
51. DUH Demonstration for Universal Healthcare, USA
52. Epicentro, Peru
53. Equal Opportunities, Tajikistan
54. Evolve, Cameroon
55. Family Planning Council, USA
56. Fenway Institute at Fenway Health, USA
57. Freedom and Roam Uganda, Uganda
58. Fundacion Manodiversa Bolivia, Bolivia
59. Gala Initiative Uganda, Uganda
61. Gay City Health Project, USA
62. Gay Men’s Health Crisis, USA
63. Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance, Canada
64. Gel Works Pty Ltd, Australia
65. Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF), USA
66. Global Network of People Living with HIV, North American (GNP+NA), USA
67. Global Network of Sex Work Projects, UK
68. Global Research and Advocacy Group (GRAG), Senegal
69. GlobalGayz.com, USA
70. GrenCHAP Inc., Grenada
71. GWLmuda, Indonesia
72. Health Digest Foundation, Ghana
73. HealthHIV, USA
74. Heroes Project, India
75. HIV Prevention Justice Alliance, USA
76. House of Joe, USA
77. Housing Works, Inc., USA
78. Humanity First Cameroon, Cameroon
79. Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, USA
80. India HIV/AIDS Alliance, India
81. Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development, Canada
82. International Center for Advocacy on Right to Health, Nigeria
83. International Planned Parenthood Federation, UK
84. International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA), USA
85. International Youth Council-Nigeria, Nigeria
86. IRMA ALC – América Latina y el Caribe, Peru
87. IRMA Nigeria, Nigeria
88. ISHTAR-MSM, Kenya
89. Iskorak, Croatia
90. Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, Jamaica
91. Johns Hopkins Center for Public Health and Human Rights, USA
92. Joint Adherent Brothers and Sisters Against Aids, Uganda
93. Los Angeles County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, USA
94. Louisiana Latino Health Coalition for HIV/AIDS Awareness, USA
96. Maritime Life Precious Foundation, Ghana
97. Men Against AIDS Youth Group, Kenya
98. Men For Health and Gender Justice Organisation, Botswana
99. Microbicide Trials Network, USA
100.  Minnesota AIDS Project, USA
101.  MUSC/Lowcountry AIDS Services Consumer Advisory Board, USA
102.  NAM Publications (Aidsmap), UK
103.  National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition, USA
104.  National Minority AIDS Council, USA
105.  Naz Male Health Alliance, Pakistan
106.  New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society, Nigeria
107.  Okaloosa AIDS support & Informational Services, Inc. (OASIS), USA
108.  PEMA Kenya, Kenya
109.  Penitentiary Initiative, Ukraine
110.  People Like Us (PLUS) Kolkata, India
111.  PeterCares House, USA
112.  POCAAN (People of Color Against AIDS Network), USA
113.  Positive Mind & Body Support Group Network, USA
114.  Positive Women’s Network USA, USA
115.  Presbyterian AIDS Network, USA
116.  Pride Equality, Sierra Leone
117.  Pro Health Initiative, Nigeria
118.  Professionals in Pride Kenya (PPK), Kenya
119.  Project Inform, USA
120.  PT Foundation, Malaysia
121.  Puerto Rico Community Network for Clinical Research on AIDS, Puerto Rico
122.  Queer Alliance Nigeria, Nigeria
124.  Rainbow Community Kampuceah, Cambodia
125.  Rainbow Sunrise Mapambazuko, DR Congo
126.  Rainbow-Ethiopia in Exile (REE), USA
127.  Real Opportunities Network, Ghana
128.  San Antonio AIDS Foundation, USA
129.  San Francisco AIDS Foundation, USA
130.  SEA-AIDS (Asia Pacific eForum on HIV), India
131.  SIBALT, Russia
132.  SID’ADO, Cameroon
133.  Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD), Guyana
134.  SOMOSGAY, Paraguay
135.  START at Westminster, USA
136.  Stichting AidsCare, The Netherlands
137.  Tamba Pwani, Kenya
138.  Tanzania Sisi Kwa Sisi Foundation, Tanzania
139.  Terrence Higgins Trust, UK
140.  Test Positive Aware Network, USA
141.  The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, USA
142.  The Initiative for Equal Rights, Nigeria
143.  The Mpowerment Project, USA
144.  The Yes Yes Company Ltd, UK
145.  Total Health Empowerment and Development (THEDI), Nigeria
146.  Treatment Action Group, USA
147.  Trigg Laboratories, Inc., USA
148.  Uganda Health and Science Press Association, Uganda
149.  UNITED AND STRONG INC, Saint Lucia
150.  Vivir. Participacion, Incidencia y Transparencia, A.C., Mexico
151.  Vote For Health Campaign, India
152.  We For Civil Equality NGO, Armenia
153.  William Way LGBT Community Center, USA
154.  Women`s Health, HIV and AIDS Southern Africa, Zimbabwe
155.  Womenplus Against TB and HIV in Kenya, Kenya
156.  Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative, Nigeria
157.  Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance, USA
158.  World AIDS Forum, Australia
159.  Youth Voices Count, Thailand


INDIVIDUALS who have endorsed the Call = 310 to date

1.  Adam Fairris, UK
2.  Ako Cyriaque Yapo, Senegal
3.  Alan Johnson, USA
4.  Alapini Max, Benin
5.  Alberto Abello, USA
6.  Alex Carballo-Dieguez, USA
7.  Alicia Gauvin, USA
8.  Allison Boyd, USA          
9.  Amoussou Damien, Togo
10.  Andrew Reynolds, USA
11.  Angel Luis Hernández, Puerto Rico
12.  Ann Jones, USA              
13.  Ann Joseph, USA
14.  Anna Forbes, USA         
15.  Anna Saeger, USA
16.  Anne Lehocky, USA      
17.  Antonio Gonzalez, USA
18.  Arick Buckles, United States
19.  Ben Bavinton, Australia
20.  Ben Clapham, USA
21.  Ben Wilcock, Australia
22.  Bertram Johnson, United States
23.  Beth Galaska Burzuk, USA          
24.  Bi Petex, Uganda
25.  Bisi Alimi, United Kingdom
26.  Blake Smith, UK
27.  Bobby Ramakant, India
28.  Brian Kanyemba, South Africa
29.  Brian M. Green, USA
30.  Brian White, South Africa
31.  Briana Morgan, United States
32.  Brooke Willis, USA         
33.  Butch McKay, USA                         
34.  Cameron Wolf, USA
35.  Caren Kirkland, USA      
36.  Carlos Vela, Peru            
37.  Carrie E .Foote, USA
38.  Cassandra Warren, USA              
39.  Cassie Bayside, Australia
40.  Celina Londono, USA
41.  Champion Phiri, South Africa
42.  Chanthorn Phorng, Cambodia
43.  Charlene Dezzutti, USA
44.  Charles, Uganda             
45.  Chheav Aphyra, Cambodia
46.  Chiranjivi Amgai, Nepal
47.  Chris Bartlett, USA
48.  Christian Rumu, United States
49.  Christopher B. Duerkes, USA
50.  Chull Sesugh Stanley, Nigeria
51.  Clare Collins, USA
52.  Clayton Ruley, USA
53.  Collins Seymah Smith, Ghana
54.  Cory Silverberg, Canada              
55.  Courtney McCrellias, USA
56.  Dahlia Ferlito, USA
57.  Dan Kilbane, USA
58.  Dana Loxley, Australia  
59.  Dana Nelson, USA
60.  Daniel MacDonald, USA
61.  Daramola Christianah, Nigeria
62.  Darrel Johnson, United States
63.  David Acosta, USA
64.  David G Ostrow, USA
65.  David Kuria, Kenya
66.  David Phillips, USA         
67.  Deb Tolenaar, USA
68.  Deirdre Grant, USA       
69.  Denis Efremov, Russia
70.  Derrick Mapp, USA
71.  Don Pults, USA
72.  Donald MacIver, USA
73.  Donn Colby, Vietnam   
74.  Doug Brown, UK
75.  Doug McColeman, Canada
76.  Douglas Masinde, Kenya
77.  Douglas Warzyn, USA   
78.  Douomong Yotta Serge, Cameroon
79.  Dr Stuart Koe, Singapore
80.  Dr. Michael W. Plankey, USA
81.  Dredge Kang, USA
82.  Drew  Nannini, United States
83.  Duncan Japhta Khothatso Moeketse, South Africa
84.  Durueke Florita, Nigeria
85.  Dustin Kight, USA
86.  Ed Wolf, USA
87.  Edie O’Connor, United States
88.  Edward Fuchs, USA
89.  Edward Iwanicki, USA
90.  Eniko Akom, USA
91.  Eric Arnold Fopossi, Cameroon
92.  Eric Evans, USA
93.  Eric M Glare, Australia  
94.  Erich Schneider Ormeño, Peru
95.  Erik Libey, USA
96.  Erik Streeter, USA
97.  Ernest MOSEKI, Botswana
98.  Essiomle Ethie, Togo
99.  Eva Westley, United States
100.  Fiona Hale, UK
101.  Gabriel Boichat, Spain
102.  Gail Broder, USA
103.  Garland Wood, USA      
104.  Garry Brough, UK
105.  Gary Paul Wright, USA
106.  Gbekou, Togo
107.  Gennady Roshchupkin, Russia
108.  George Kerr, USA          
109.  George Miller-Zauner, USA
110.  George Pappas, USA
111.  George Reginald Freeman, Sierra Leone
112.  George Victor O, Kenya
113.  Georges S., Togo
114.  Georges Sideris, France
115.  Gerard Nkundimana, Rwanda  
116.  Gina Brown, USA
117.  Glenn Kornblum, USA  
118.  Gregg Kimball, USA
119.  Hanna Hjord, USA          
120.  Hannah Graves, Canada
121.  Heidi Nass, USA
122.  Heidi Wesbrock, USA   
123.  Helen, USA
124.  Henrieese Roberts, USA
125.  Hugo Dann, Canada
126.  Ian Lemieux, US             
127.  Ivan Cruickshank, Jamaica          
128.  J. Jeff McConnell, USA 
129.  Jace Dyckman, USA
130.  Jack Cox, USA
131.  Jade Patten, USA
132.  James Carrington, United States
133.  James Komar, United States
134.  Jamie Roberts, USA
135.  Jamie Sims, USA
136.  Jason Jacobs, USA
137.  Jason King , USA             
138.  Jean-Michel Brevelle, USA
139.  Jeff Berry, USA
140.  Jeffrey Pope, USA         
141.  Jennifer A. Hawley, USA
142.  Jeremy Kwan, Malaysia
143.  Jerome Galea, USA       
144.  Jeton Ademaj, USA
145.  Jim Cosenza, USA
146.  Jim Eigo, USA
147.  Jim Merrell, USA            
148.  Jim Pickett, USA
149.  Joan Tallada, Spain
150.  John Andrews, USA
151.  John Hamiga, USA         
152.  John Kashiha, Tanzania
153.  John McAllister, Botswana
154.  John Peller, USA             
155.  Jorge Gutierrez, USA
156.  Jorge Yon, Peru
157.  Joseph Alfano, USA
158.  Joseph Walker, USA
159.  Joyce Hunter, USA
160.  Jules Eloundou Atamba, Cameroon
161.  Julian Sanjivan, USA      
162.  Julie Davids, United States
163.  Kadiri Audu, Nigeria
164.  Karen Creary, USA         
165.  Karon Stephen, France
166.  Kasha Jacqueline, Uganda
167.  Kate Alexander, USA
168.  Kate Morrow, USA
169.  Kay Marshall, USA
170.  Kees Rümke, The Netherlands
171.  Keith Gereffi, USA
172.  Kelly Curran, USA
173.  Kennedy Otieno Olango, Kenya              
174.  Kenny, USA
175.  Kent Klindera, United States
176.  Kevin DeLuca, USA
177.  Kevin McKenzie, USA
178.  Kieta D. Mutepfa, USA
179.  Krishna Stone, USA
180.  Kyon Saucier, USA
181.  Larry Baxter, Canada    
182.  Laurel Sprague, United States
183.  Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, India
184.  Leo Schenk, The Netherlands
185.  Lillibeth Gonzalez, USA
186.  Linda Watson, Canada
187.  Loren Jones, United States
188.  Luis Galarza, Ecuador    
189.  Mac-Darling Cobbinah, Ghana  
190.  Maheswar Satpathy, Australia 
191.  Marc-André LeBlanc, Canada    
192.  Marcelo Maia, USA       
193.  Margaret Onah, Nigeria
194.  Marie Camacho, USA   
195.  Marie Omorodion, USA
196.  Mark Hubbard, USA      
197.  Mark Ing, USA 
198.  Mark S. King, USA          
199.  Marlon Woodward, USA
200.  Martha Tholanah, Zimbabwe
201.  Mary Brewster, United States
202.  Mathew Rodriguez, USA
203.  Matt Bray, USA
204.  Matthew Franck, USA
205.  Matthew Rose, USA
206.  Matthew Vaughan, Thailand
207.  Melanie A Reese, USA
208.  Michael Louella , USA   
209.  Michael Luciano, USA
210.  Michael Moore, USA    
211.  Michael Trigg, USA
212.  Mike Kennedy, Australia            
213.  Mike Peters, USA
214.  Mombunza Azuba, DR CONGO
215.  Monique Newell, USA 
216.  Morenike Ukpong, Nigeria        
217.  Muriel Visser, France   
218.  Mykaila Ostrom, USA
219.  Mykal Welch, Belize
220.  N. Nash, USA
221.  Naigaga Lillian Mutengu, Uganda
222.  Nathan Solomon, USA 
223.  Nicholas Bates, Australia
224.  Nnamani Ikechukwu Sammy, Nigeria
225.  Olumide Makanjuola, Nigeria
226.  Omullo Paul, Kenya
227.  Orbit Clanton, USA
228.  Otis Richardson, USA
229.  Patricia Segura, Peru
230.  Patrick French, USA
231.  Paul Causey, Thailand
232.  Pedro Goicochea, USA
233.  Penny DeNoble, USA
234.  Pham Thi Hanh Van, Vietnam
235.  Phillis Washington, USA
236.  Pilot Mathambo, Botswana
237.  Prince N. Bahati, Kenya
238.  Ramon Nunez III, USA
239.  Rebecca Giguere, USA 
240.  Remigus Emodi, Nigeria
241.  Rev. Charles Straight, USA
242.  Ricardo Jimenez, USA
243.  Richard Coover, USA
244.  Rita Lisa Labbett, US     
245.  Rob Camp, Spain
246.  Robert Aponte, USA
247.  Robert Birch, Canada
248.  Roger Cunha, USA
249.  Roger Pebody, UK         
250.  Roger Prasad, Canada
251.  Roger Tatoud, UK          
252.  Roy Wadia, India            
253.  Rukia Ahmed, Kenya
254.  S. Wakefield, USA
255.  Santiago Palomino, Peru
256.  Sasha Gear, South Africa
257.  Scot More, USA
258.  Scott Robertson, Zambia             
259.  Sedar, Benin
260.  Sergio Farfan, USA
261.  Shawn Decker, United States
262.  Shayna Buhler, Canada
263.  Shivani Thaker, USA
264.  Shreena, India 
265.  Sibusiso, South Africa
266.  Simon Odiwuor, Kenya
267.  Siobhan Fee, UK
268.  Solomon, Kenya
269.  Srun Srorn, Cambodia
270.  Steave Nemande, Cameroon
271.  Stephen Karpiak PhD, United States
272.  Stephen McGill, Liberia
273.  Stephen Miller-Zauner, USA
274.  Steve Miralles, Peru     
275.  Steven S. Muchnick, PhD
276.  Stuart Koe, Singapore
277.  Sue Saltmarsh, USA      
278.  Suman Nepal, Nepal
279.  Suraj Madoori, USA
280.  Susan Forrest, USA       
281.  Susan Lloyd Yolen, USA
282.  Susie Hoffman, USA
283.  Sylvie Rouby, France  
284.  Tendai F Mbengeranwa Mhaka, Zimbabwe
285.  Terence Roethlein, United States
286.  Teresa Springer, USA
287.  TG Green, USA
288.  Thandi Maluka, South Africa
289.  Theresa Rubin, USA      
290.  Thomas Haig, Canada
291.  Tiedjou Joseph Achille, Cameroon
292.  Timothy Frasca, USA     
293.  Timothy Kee, United States
294.  Titcha Ho, USA
295.  Trenado, France
296.  Trevor Pearson, USA
297.  Troy, USA
298.  Tung Duy Bui, Thailand
299.  Udom Likhitwonnawut, Thailand
300.  Vanessa Smith, USA
301.  Victor Rollins, Bahamas
302.  Vikram, USA
303.  Wanda Brendle-Moss, USA
304.  Wanda Commander, USA
305.  Will Wilson, USA
306.  William Booth, Canada
307.  Wolf Graf, Australia
308.  Yolanda, USA   
309.  Zoe Duby, South Africa
310.  Zoran Dominkovic, Croatia



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