Lube Access – A Global Challenge
Monday, August 29, 2011, 1200 EDT

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Please join IRMA, AVAC and partners from PSI, Johns Hopkins, and the Global Forum on MSM and HIV as we discuss lube access in the global context – highlighting the needs, gaps, and challenges, as well as efforts underway to address them.

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The call’s proposed agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Stefan Baral (Johns Hopkins): Lube access in Africa among MSM
  • Beth Skorochod (PSI): PSI’s work as a distributor of SRHR commodities, specifically lube distribution in developing countries
  • Pato Hebert (MSMGF): Lube-related information from the 2010 MSMGF global survey on HIV prevention and social norms
  • Jim Pickett (IRMA): The importance of addressing lube access now to prepare for eventual rectal microbicide access
  • Q&A, Discussion

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